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Life is long. Life is short. If we cannot control how long we can live, what else can we add value to different stages of our lives?

Investing a life insurance will help you transfer the unknown risks to a reliable source when you just started work. You and your family will get financial compensation in case of unforeseen circumstances. Only life protection is not enough to safeguard you in full, because hospitalization coverage, critical illness and personal accident also equally important to you. But these three types of insurance are unable to buy alone; they can only be activated as additional riders after your life insurance. At the same time, life insurance is also treated as one of your investment and savings tools. You can receive the insured amount and its remuneration under the validity period of your insurance.

The next stage in life is you to get married and have children. Children are always in need of protection in front of their parents and it’s started from birth. Nowadays, the cost of children’s growth and education is a heavy burden to most of the parents. Choose a suitable child insurance will undoubtedly protect them from steady growth.

The era of “raising children in preparation of your old age” has passed. Only you could truly guarantee your future life. Therefore, we strongly suggest you invest when you are young and enjoy a full living protection in your aging life. A good retirement plan is to minimize worry for your children, and it is also a filial piety for the elderly.

Conclusion, invest yourself a life insurance based on company group insurance and SOCSO can make your life more secure. And, you can devote yourself to your career and show your talent without worries.



In addition to your own life needs protection, you also need to prepare for important moments and important assets in your life. Your car, your every trip and your real estate should insured in general insurance.



Your income level and expenditure level are usually inconsistent. But, how can you strive for a balance or increase income level? Personal investment is a good choice! We suggest that you make an automatic investment plan because a mandatory deduction for investment will form a good habit in your personal financial management; you can even get a fixed income from the automatic investment plan.

If you want to be rich, only savings is not enough. You should learn to invest and let money begets money. But there is always a risk for any investments; thus, we strongly suggest you take an investment risk tolerance test before making any decision. Select the product portfolio that best suits your risk level (conservative, balanced or aggressive) for sustainable investment growth.

No matter what kind of financial portfolio, the most important thing is to know more about the characteristics, risks and liquidity of the products, to prepare for unexpected needs; and then, according to your risk level, in line with the medium and long-term capital needs of yourself or families, make reasonable investment allocation.



A careful will is the basis of estate planning. But as your financial affairs become more complex, the need for more comprehensive planning increases. If you have children, charities, and valuable assets (your investment, real estate, and business), you need a comprehensive estate planning to ensure that the wealth you’ve worked hard to earn in your lifetime is distributed according to your will. Besides, estate planning helps reduce potential costs and delays involved in resolving your estate, such as final taxes and estate certification fees.

We can plan estate in different ways, including wills, designated beneficiaries, power of attorney, insurance, trust, tax planning, charitable gifts and foundations.

If you already have an estate plan, the best time to review and revise your estate plan is when you are still relatively healthy. You should be aware of the changing process of your child and social life. When your child grows up, you should review your estate plan again.

The status of estate planning needs to review:

 Death of spouse

 Marriage or remarriage

 Birth of children or grandchildren

 Death of beneficiary

 Buy or sell a business

 Beneficiaries with special needs will receive part of the estate (which requires special trust planning)

 The executor named in the will dies before you

 Purchase of foreign property

We will guide you step by step in the process to make you and your family feel at ease.



For many people, it is a taboo to talk about the afterlife. Even when their relatives are in critical condition, their families are reluctant to mention this sensitive topic. Most of the time, regret in life happens in this way, making the dead unable to die well, and the living unable to be kind.

Many family members who have the same experience said that if everything can start over again, they would like to arrange in advance, because it does not only ensure that the wishes of the parties are known and respected, but also can reduce the burden and struggle of their families or those around them when they are unable to make decisions. Even if society continues to resist this topic, but it is too late when things suddenly happen.

We don’t want our life to have too many regrets, so we must have “Kind Love”, which means to love ourselves, children and family, learn to communicate well with them, and let our life come to a successful end. “Good love leads to a good ending, and a good ending leads to good parting”.